Training Centre Assessment

STAMP attempts to cover assessments in a more holistic perspective and, as a part of the same STAMP offers centre assessments as a service. The major objective of Centre Assessments is to evaluate the extent of readiness of the training institution to deliver training as per the council’s requirement

Brief Methodology

The Evaluation is conducted according to the requirement standards described in “Affiliation Protocol” for Training Providers. It evaluates the organization largely based on the following dimensions:

  • Institution & Management Profile
  • Quality Aspects in Institution Governance
  • Training Readiness with regards to infrastructure, content and
  • Performance, measurement & improvement mechanism proposed

The observations for each aspect are recorded in pre-defined checklist and summarized into summary tables for each centre requested for affiliation.


The mandate for this due diligence is mainly based on the protocol provided by the Council, where compliance checks for management credentials, documentation processes are checked at Training Partner - Headquarter and check for Infrastructure & equipment is done at training centers depending on the aspects that need to be checked. The Infrastructure is checked for each job role and readiness / course of action is provided by the training partner

Evaluation Process / Information Check

  • Review the proposal submitted to the Sector Skill Council by the center
  • Visiting the centers, personnel & trainer/coordinator of the Company
  • Meeting and interaction with affiliation coordinator and trainers.
  • Review of training process, standards & training related material at training centers.
  • Visiting training centers and observation done for training infrastructure

Thus it is a comprehensive evaluation not only covering the physical infrastructure but also its readiness to provide quality training. The assessment covers aspects such as training processes, operations, standards & training readiness of centres and suggests measures for performance improvement