Training of Assessors

The Assessor plays a critical role in the entire process of skills assessments. The quality of assessments to a large extent can be linked to the efficiency of the Assessor

As many subject matter experts who work as Assessors come from varied backgrounds and experience, it is imperative to train them on the standards, methodology and procedures linked to skills assessments

The Training of Assessors is an intensive programme that prepares the Assessor to undertake assessments specific to the sector, programme/scheme and trade

Major elements of the Training of Assessors programme:

  • Understanding of the Skills Training Ecosystem
  • Competency based assessment v/s Theoretical and practical assessments
  • Qualification Pack – National Occupational Standards
  • Understanding Assessment Criteria
  • Technology in Assessments
  • Creation of Rubrics
  • Assessment Management & Documentation

STAMP certifies the Assessors who successfully complete the programme


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Project Title

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