Who we are

As the country is poised for a quantum leap in the field of skill development, skills training and assessments have evolved as critical functions in the value chain. Skill Development in India has evolved from being employability based to getting competency based. In its evolution, it has opened up opportunities for functions like quality, based on which the assessments have to be carried out. Skill development has also witnessed a transition from being government’s responsibility to a PPP based, for profit activity.

Skill Training Assessment Management Partners Ltd. (STAMP) has been set up by the IL&FS Group with a primary objective of providing thought leadership in skill development assessment space. The objective was to understand the various components of assessing the skilling value chain with employability as the central objective.

STAMP crystallizes the expertise of various stakeholders based on the Public Private Partnership model. The training provider designs and implements training based on the industry’s requirement and the learner is evaluated on the basis of his competency level required for employment. STAMP has been established in order to provide specialized services, technological innovations and solutions in the field of assessments.